About Us

Elite Foam is focused on industry leadership in specialty foam manufacturing and fabrication processes. Using the latest technologies we provide consumer based solutions for the bedding industry. Supplying products that address common consumer issues of sleeping hot, foam odor, and providing the proper balance of support, comfort and durability. We strive to continually advance the evolution of temperature regulating foams. From high air flow and convective cooling of our open cell Cool FlowTM foams to the conductive cooling of our ThermaGel TM foams.Our latest advance, ThermaPhase Gel, combines both of these technologies with an encapsulated phase change Gel that amplifies thermal regulation.

Quality Policy

Our quality objectives are to furnish high quality innovative products on time and at the lowest possible cost.  Elite Foam pledges to:

  • Consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for product quality and performance
  • Timely delivery of products and services to meet our customer’s requirements
  • Continually improve our products, processes, and systems
  • Ensure our personnel are properly trained so that they are better able to serve our customers.

Environmental Policy

Elite Foam is dedicated to the practice of sound environmental stewardship and promotion of health, safety and well-being of our employees.  These values originate at the company’s top management and are emphasized through all levels of responsibility within the organization.  As such, the company agrees to:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable federal, state, local and company environmental, safety and health standards.
  • Provide a workplace free of recognized hazards and maintain healthy working conditions for all company employees.
  • Closely monitor facility for prevention of pollution.
  • Participate in recycling to the greatest practical extent to reduce impact on landfills and promote recovery of valuable resources.
  • Strive to continuously improve our commitment to the above stated principles through improved technology, production changes and due diligence.