Energetic Visco: EnergexTM provides a new, energetic alternative to conventional viscoelastic foam that retains all of the advantages of visco without the slow recovery. This lively alternative to visco can be produced in a very wide range of properties for a diverse array of applications ranging from soft bedding products to high performance seating. Typically, consumers seeking an alternative to springs who do not want the dead feel of visco have turned to latex. While this meets their desire for a livelier mattress, they are often disappointed in its inferior pressure-mapping characteristics as compared to traditional visco. EnergexTM serves to bridge this gap between visco and latex. Its highly open, cool, and responsive polymer structure is designed to offer a superior alternative to latex or springs while providing outstanding pressure relief properties. Think of EnergexTM as visco with a bounce. Compared to conventional and HR foams, EnergexTM foam buns have very little top to bottom variation in density and IFD, which is another key factor for quality and dependability of this technology.  

Strut Reinforcing Technology (SRT): EnergexTM is formulated using advanced SRT technology, which transfers polymer from cell membranes to reinforce the cell superstructure. This unique design produces much better dynamic fatigue properties than conventional or HR foam, and extremely low compression set losses (typically less than 1.5% loss with the 90% ASTM compression test).
Superior Pressure Mapping: EnergexTM provides excellent pressure mapping results because of its inherently high Pressure Relieving Index.  It is ideally suited in bedding as a transition layer between the surface comprised of memory foam and the base support layers, creating a pressure gradient and providing ideal interface support for unparalleled pressure relief and pressure mapping in sleep systems.
Exceptionally Broad Temperature Performance Range: EnergexTM foam provides uniform comfort over a wide temperature range. Unlike conventional visco, Energex does not stiffen in cool environments because its glass transition temperature (Tg) is tuned to perform over a broad temperature range. EnergexTM has been designed to soften slightly with elevated temperature and this is the key to providing lively comfort and excellent pressure-relief.