Graphite GelTM

Triply Enhanced Thermal Conductivity:

Graphite-Gel infused foam offers superior thermal conductivity by combining three highly conductive materials: open-cell high air-flow CoolFlowTM foam, ThermaGelTM, and the super-conducting graphite. The result is a 46% enhancement of regular open-cell visco heat flow, and up to 7 times better conductivity than that of conventional memory foam.

Compression-Conduction Technology:

Graphite infusion greatly improves heat transfer when the foam is compressed, leading to restricted air-flow, which inhibits convective heat transfer. This is accomplished when graphite and gel particles are compressed closely together, allowing for heat transfer through the particles toward uncompressed parts of the foam where heat can be liberated through convection.

Variable Support and Compression Distribution:

Graphite-Gel infusion encompasses the exceptional performance characteristics of gel, providing superior comfort and durability. Gel infusion technology offers enhanced support in deep compression areas, where individual gel particles interact to add the pressure response characteristics of pure gel to the softness and comfort of viscoelastic foam. Combining Graphite with Gel significantly enhances the overall thermal conductivity while maintaining the superior support character of gel.

Extensive Temperature Performance Range:

Integration of gel into viscoelastic foam results in a widening of the glass transition temperature range of conventional memory foam. This allows ThermaGelTM to provide great pressure relief and comfort through a wide range of temperatures, without getting stiff at low temperatures like conventional memory foam.

Uncompressed Visco Foam

Heat flow depends on open cells to leave the foam through convection.

Compressed Visco Foam

Compression closes the foam cells thereby hindering air flow and not allowing heat to escape.

Uncompressed Graphite Gel Foam

Heat is rapidly dissipated through open cells of the visco, thermoregulatory conductive gel, and the super-conductive graphite.

Compressed Graphite Gel Foam

Compression forces graphite and gel particles together, providing a highly conductive pathway for heat to move toward uncompressed adjacent foam where heat can be liberated by convection.